About Electrician on call

Electrical, a division of Taller Waller


Electrical a division of Taller Waller, maintains a vision that transcends the core values of hard work and determination. Owner John Goodenough, knows what it takes to deliver quality products that exceed the consumers’ expectations. Our vision is met by attracting people that are seeking products that work and are easy to share in the Alberton community. Taller Waller is equipped to provide a better and brighter future to thousands of people across Alberton and surround areas that are looking to make a Taller Waller change.


Taller Waller has developed a true sense of family amongst its customers, executive staff and customer service across Alberton and surround areas. With offices here in Alberton, it’s no wonder that our members’ success rates continue to grow. We have a dynamic culturally-diverse customer support team with knowledgeable leadership. That’s a formula for making lasting relationships. We look forward to meeting you too!


Owner John Goodenough of Taller Waller has always been led by motivation’s relentless effort to provide quality products and an opportunity for others to flourish products. John has surrounded himself with an executive team that shares his vision and emotional attachment to the products and the people. Taller Waller maintains a servant strategy, where no one person is bigger than the company. This passion to serve assimilates with customer service agents, warehouse fulfilment associates and office managers across our Community.